Here's some simple and more advanced perspective work done by hand. It's from the book : "How to Draw" of Scott Robertson. Perfect book to learn about perspective !
I have dozen more pages of straight ligns, cubes, elipses...

The next image is an Illustrator brainstorming. It does not have sens, it's just some logo or designs researchs for my upcoming projects.

                              And next are some 3D renders that i used for a base of an illustration.
Just simple mental ray renders with an ambient occulsion materials 

The composition didn't suit me so i changed the view point to a human level.
I also changed the flower pot in the corner of the room to a design that would fit to the general design of the room.

That's the kind of render i wanted to have, mostly in term of composition (even if it's not perfect yet). .I learned a lot making it, can't wait for the next one !

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