Some time since the last update but i wasn't inactive ! Those are some works of the end of 2016.
Studies, perspective, self-portrait and illustration i did thanks to LearnSquarded course : Intro to 3D Concept Design with  Jama Jurabaev !
 I'm much more active on Instagram/mitch054 if you want to see more content ! (Wip and more)

I'm currently learning Quixel to be better at making props and others things for real time.
It's a awesome tool for texturing !

2017 is gonna be great ! 

Here's some simple and more advanced perspective work done by hand. It's from the book : "How to Draw" of Scott Robertson. Perfect book to learn about perspective !
I have dozen more pages of straight ligns, cubes, elipses...

The next image is an Illustrator brainstorming. It does not have sens, it's just some logo or designs researchs for my upcoming projects.

                              And next are some 3D renders that i used for a base of an illustration.
Just simple mental ray renders with an ambient occulsion materials 

The composition didn't suit me so i changed the view point to a human level.
I also changed the flower pot in the corner of the room to a design that would fit to the general design of the room.

That's the kind of render i wanted to have, mostly in term of composition (even if it's not perfect yet). .I learned a lot making it, can't wait for the next one !

Pro : Le Secret du Ruban Monde

i didn't posted in a while but that doesn't mean i've done nothing. Here a job a job some months ago in Angoulême. A video game created for the 'Festival Internation de la BD' with a new technologie.

The game runs in 3D on a 360° interactive screen.

I did 3D models and some textures on this project. Unfortunatly, i didn't take the files so i don't have renders to show. I made spaceships and sattelites that you can interact with,some parts of the ring and all houses that people can build on the ring.

And all of this in 3ds Max, Photoshop, Zbrush and Unity

© Cortex Productions / Aurélie Coudière (Photos)

quick update 07.2014

 Didn't post for a long time... Here's some quicks Virtual Plein Air i did a month ago. Need to do more of those when i will thind some time.

Update 01_2014

Studies !

And some 3D should come soon, i'm perfectionning in baking; high/low poly so you should see some in the near future !

Now i can draw human

Boosh ! Now i can draw human.At first this was suppose to be a fan art of Destiny, but it turns out to be more Spartan than a Destiny's Guardian so I guess it's kind of a mix of both.

Last weeks of traditionnal drawing have been helpful. But it's not over. I still have things that I need to improve.